Bring your kids to work.

Opportunities for
Stay-at-Home Parents

Being a stay-at-home parent doesn't mean you always have to stay at home! Driving a bus with Student Transit adds some variety to your days and puts a little extra money in your pocket. And you can still hang out with your kids!

Top Benefits

  • On-Site Fitness Room
    Do you find it difficult to sneak away to the gym in the middle of your busy days? We offer a fitness room in our headquarters where you can work out during your breaks.
  • Covered Costs for Required Training/Licensing
    You're already paying for piano lessons, dance classes, and new football equipment. The last thing you need is another bill. That's why we cover the fees for any training or licensing you may need.
  • Option to Bring Children on Routes
    Being a bus driver is one of the few positions that allows you to bring your kids to work everyday. By having them ride along, you won't miss out on valuable time spent with your child, and just think of the money you’ll save on childcare.
  • Paid Training with Our Own In-House Trainers
    We know the thought of operating a school bus is a bit more intimidating than driving a minivan. But, hey, you're already used to driving around with kids in the back seat. We just have to teach you how to maneuver a bigger vehicle with a lot more back seats. (Oh, and we'll pay you as you learn!)
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