— We employ drivers with integrity —

They possess the ability to be trusted to make decisions without supervision and follow safety precautions.


Student Transit takes the responsibility of transporting the world's most precious cargo seriously. We employ individuals with integrity who possess the ability to be trusted to make decisions without supervision. We expect you to take pride in your job, care of our equipment, and precautions for safety.

Excellent part-time jobs!
  • Competitive Hourly Pay
  • 401K
  • Weekends and Holidays Off
  • Optional Summer Work
  • On-Site Fitness Room

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Eau Claire School Buses

School Bus driver

Do you have a good driving record? Student Transit, the state of Wisconsin, and our insurance carrier require it. Would you like your summers, weekends, and holidays off with your children? Would you like to save money on day care costs by bringing your own children with you on the route? Become a school bus driver!

Under general supervision, school bus drivers transport passengers safely between assigned stops and schools according to specified routes and time schedules. They may transport students and adults on field trips and outings. Bus drivers always maintain order during trips and adhere to safety rules when loading and unloading passengers.

School Bus Monitors

The school bus monitor works as a team with the driver of the bus to help keep the students safe. The monitor:

  • makes sure that children remain safely seated while the bus is in motion
  • maintains order on the bus
  • follows basic principles of early childhood development
  • establishes good relationships with the children, the bus driver, the parents and other staff
  • assists with the loading and unloading of students to prevent congestion and unsafe conditions
  • helps to prevent altercations between students and damage to the bus.
  • makes sure that children get off at the correct bus stop and that they are being released to the proper guardians (when applicable)

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