Erin clarifies that there's a reason she's been with Student Transit for over 22 years: the company and job are just the greatest. She is always surrounded by those who feel like family, from others in the office to the students, their loved ones, and her own children, who have gotten to tag along on her routes with her.

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a bus driver is like? We rounded up a few of our amazing employees and asked them to share their insider knowledge about working at Student Transit. In this edition, we speak to Erin, who has been with us for over 22 years, crediting her tenure to families, the kids, and Jim and Ray Fey.

Student Transit Employee Spotlight: Erin

"You never know what they're going to say."
As anyone who has worked closely with children can tell you, some surprising things can come from their mouths. "Some days you hear stuff, and you're like, 'Wow, did I just hear that?' But it's interesting. It's fun," Erin says. "[In some cases], you're the first person they see..." One of the things Erin loves most about her job is getting to connect with her students and their families each day. It's rewarding to know they are comfortable enough to share personal stories with you, and you become more than just their bus driver.

"You have to be patient and understanding."
Erin knows that you must like kids to be a good bus driver. Not only that, you have to be ready to treat them all with care and respect because you never know what they've got going on in their lives. "When you get kids on the bus, you never know where they're coming from and what kind of day they've had before they got on that bus. And you must understand and treat each kid as an individual," Erin says. She notes that it is essential to recognize how students feel and be prepared to handle all situations as necessary.

"It's the best, and I'm sincere about that."
There's a reason Erin has worked with Student Transit for so long, and she credits that mainly to the overall greatness of the company. She has benefitted from the strong community and cooperation between all the employees. Plus, getting to bring her children along during her workday saves money on childcare and allows them also to become part of the Student Transit family as well. "[Jim and Ray Fey] are awesome. Sometimes I forget that they're my bosses... They don't treat you like an employee. They treat you like family." 

Erin's final note about being a bus driver: "[Have] patience with the kids and be open to learning everything."

If this account has convinced you that working in the bus industry could be rewarding, check out our employment page to see how you can join our family at Student Transit today.