School bus drivers do more than take kids to and from school. They are well-connected to students and their families and often make notable impacts in their local communities.

The Wisconsin School Bus Association shared at the beginning of 2021, "In Wisconsin, there are over 15,000 school buses that safely transport more than 600,000 students to and from school each school day and travel nearly 70 million miles a year."

Thousands of bus drivers across the state interact closely with students and their families daily. These remarkable individuals should be celebrated for their positive impacts and how they help their local communities.

3 Ways Bus Drivers Impact the Community

Get Children Safely to School

All students have varying home-life situations, and it can be challenging for some to get to and from school each day. For students who live farther away from school or have guardians who work and cannot bring them, being transported by a school bus driver can help ensure they can attend their daily classes.

School buses are also notably safer modes of transportation for children, regardless of whether they would otherwise be driven in a car with an adult, walk, or bike home. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, "Students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely when taking a bus instead of traveling by car… because [they] are the most regulated vehicles on the road." School bus drivers offer transportation for kids in the safest vehicle possible with constant adult supervision. 

Improve Transportation Efficiency

Providing the opportunity for children to ride the bus to school can also be an incredible convenience to families. School bus drivers cover approximately 62 billion miles of roads each year, saving guardians both the expense of gas and the additional time it would take to transport their kids to school each day.

Having students carpool to their destinations can also help reduce pollution from vehicle emissions and traffic on the roads. School buses carry the same number of passengers as 36 cars, improving overall transportation efficiency.

Spread Positivity and Compassion

Students often have the same bus driver for many years during their school career. With the continued personal interactions, drivers will likely become increasingly familiar with children and their families. Bus drivers become well-known, friendly figures that help foster positive connections within the community.

For many students, their school bus driver is the first familiar face they see in the morning after leaving their home and the last before returning. Drivers have the opportunity to encourage positive experiences that help children feel happy and more confident. They spread compassion towards others as their actions are reflected in each person they interact with throughout their day.

Among the many benefits of being a school bus driver, the impact one can make on their community is one of the most rewarding perks. If this sounds ideal, check out our current job openings.