Need a job while in school?

Opportunities for
College Students

You need a job, but waiting tables or standing behind the counter at the university book store just isn't your style. Well, if you like kids and feel confident about driving a large vehicle, becoming a Student Transit bus driver is the perfect way to put some extra money in your pocket while hanging out with all your new miniature besties.

Top Benefits

  • Competitive Hourly Pay
    Rent, school, gas, streaming services, Double Bubble Thursdays, and other college essentials require a regular stream of spendable cash. We offer fair compensation so that coming to work is worth your time.
  • Full or Part-Time Schedule
    Driving a few hours in the early morning hours and a few more in the afternoon leaves a mid-day break for classes or a second job. And you'll never have to work too late, which leaves plenty of time for studying and other activities.
  • Optional Weekends, Holidays, and Summers
    When the kids are on break from school, you're probably on break, too! Student Transit bus drivers have the option to either take time off during school breaks or to earn extra cash chartering for special events.
  • Paid Training with Our Own In-House Trainers
    You've no doubt ridden on a few school buses in your lifetime… but have you ever driven one? You may be surprised to discover it's not too hard and actually pretty fun. We'll provide all of the necessary training and you'll earn money as you learn! (Don't you wish college was like that, too?)
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How to Know if a Bus Driver is Good at Their Job

How to Know if a Bus Driver is Good at Their Job

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