Bus drivers are often incredible individuals. It takes a special person to interact with so many people on a daily basis and handle the stress that comes with operating such a large vehicle. While it may seem like some are born to do that job, many have additional claims to fame. Here are a few bus drivers whose names may sound familiar.

What do the fathers of Kelly Ripa, Bruce Springsteen, and Al Roker have in common? They were all bus drivers! Check out this article to learn more about some notable bus drivers that will go down in history.

Six Bus Drivers Who Made History

Joseph Ripa
Supportive father to actress Kelly Ripa, Joseph worked as a bus driver in his early life to help pay for college. After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Labor Relations and Real Estate Sales, he earned a respectable salary in the public transportation field and is currently the County Clerk of Camden County, New Jersey.

Sandy Burgin
Kentucky native Sandy was part of the cast on Season 18 of CBS's Survivor, where she lasted until Day 12. Outside of the show, she is a night shift bus driver for construction workers. She is also the state champion of the School Bus Rodeo.

Douglas Springsteen
WWII Army veteran Douglas is credited by his son, Bruce Springsteen, as one of the most influential individuals in his successful music career. He has had several songs written about him. Following his retirement from the service, he held various jobs, including factory laborer, corrections officer, and bus driver.

Albert Lincoln Roker Sr.
Father of newscaster and TV personality Al Roker, Albert was of Bahamian descent and raised his family in Queens, New York. He worked in such positions as a bus driver, dispatcher, and labor relations negotiator during his life.

Larry Hanley
Larry was a respected bus driver in New York during his lifetime. He was elected president of the Amalgamated Transit Union in 2010. He was also the Working Families Party founder and helped dispel corruption in the local Queens area.

Angela Nicole Walker
Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Angela was Howie Hawkins' Green Party running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Initially, she was interested in teaching but eventually became a bus driver for Greyhound Lines and the Milwaukee County Transit System.

We think bus drivers are some incredible people, and any of them may have a chance at becoming a household name. If some of these stories inspired you to try out the profession, check out our employment opportunities and join our family at Student Transit.