Ahhh, retirement! Happiness! Freedom! Relaxation! Also boredom… and loneliness… and anxiety, too. As any retiree can tell you, life after retirement isn't always as ideal as it seems. But good news! We have a solution…

Many people dream of the day when they can finally stop working and enjoy eternal freedom. But, for some, retirement isn't a walk in the park. (Even walking in the park gets old after a while.)

Student Transit bus driver Mr. Pete can attest that a dramatic life change can sometimes be a little too dramatic. "I was retired for two days, and I thought, I can't do this… I've gotta keep working. I just have to change my life."

If you're feeling the same way, becoming a bus driver may be the perfect solution.

How Becoming a Bus Driver Solves Retirement Challanges


For many, one of the perks of working every day is interacting with others. Some co-workers even become great friends and make lifelong connections. But, post-retirement, meeting new people is difficult when you're stuck at home every day. You may have the most wonderful, supportive spouse and the most loyal pets in the world, but it may not be enough. A social circle, large or small, can greatly improve your mood and overall well-being.

So, how can driving a bus help?

On your daily route, you interact with children of all ages. Many of them are excited to share stories about what happened in class that day, something funny their dog or cat did last night, or the details of a TV show they watch after school. You also connect with many of their loved ones as you meet parents, teachers, and other community members along the way.

"I think anyone who wants to remain engaged with other people after retirement [should become a bus driver]" - Mr. Dave, Student Transit bus driver


Not knowing what to do with your day can be a bit jarring when you're used to having a routine of people, places, and things. After you've eaten breakfast, read the comics in the paper, and finished your coffee on the porch… what's next? You can only spend so much time tending to your garden and swearing at lost balls on the golf course before you need to find something else to fill your time.

"Many new retirees find that after a few months, the novelty of being on 'permanent vacation' starts to wear off," says HelpGuide. "You may miss the sense of identity, meaning, and purpose that came with your job, the structure it gave your days or the social aspect of having co-workers."

So, how can driving a bus help?

Driving a school bus provides you with a regular schedule of places to go and people to see. It gets you out of the house and into your neighborhood - along with places you wouldn't otherwise see or visit. It fills your mornings and afternoons with a perfectly-timed break for lunch and the midday news.

"I am retirement-age right now. I just have a lot of downtime. I think [being a bus driver is] a great part-time job for someone who's looking for something to do in retirement." - Mr. Tim, Student Transit bus driver


It goes without saying… when you stop working, you see a significant dip in your income. For some, this isn't a challenge. But, for others who grew accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle, being frugal can be a bit disheartening. Especially when you have a lot of extra time on your hands. Golf and travel cost money, after all. 

So, how can driving a bus help?

No matter how fun it may be, driving a bus is still a job. And you deserve compensation for doing it. Can you think of another part-time gig where you get paid to sit, hit the road, enjoy the view, and share smiles and laughs with people of all ages the whole dang time? If you ask us, it sounds like a great way to earn some mad money.


Whether you enjoyed employment doing something you loved or you worked hard every day to scrape by and survive, your career gave you a purpose. But once that purpose is no longer a necessity, anxiety can creep in… along with a sense of feeling lost.

"The biggest challenge of retirement that, in my experience, no one talks about is finding purpose," says un-retired mindset coach George Jerjian. "What is it that you are going to do once you leave the workforce? You can retire from your career but can't retire from life."

So, how can driving a bus help?

As many of our bus drivers will tell you, delivering students to and from school each day can be one of the most meaningful jobs you've ever had. Not only are you helping these kids safely get to school on time, but you're providing them with a guaranteed friendly presence in their day. 

"The reality is, you have to have a plan [for retirement]. [Driving a school bus is] something that is meaningful, and that makes a difference somewhere." - Mr. Dave, Student Transit bus driver

Being a Student Transit bus driver can be a fulfilling career during any stage of life. But don't take our word for it. As one of our own un-retired bus drivers, Mr. Tim, will tell you, "[Being a bus driver] has been one of the best experiences of my life."

If you're thinking about un-retiring (even just for a few days a week), come chat with us!