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Consequences of inappropriate behavior...

Serious or repeated misbehaviors may result in long term or permanent loss of bus transportation privileges. Serious consequences apply for students who hit or bully anyone on the bus.

The consequences of nacceptable behavior on the school bus is outlined in Disciplinary Action Policy.

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Buses are the extension of
the school.
The bus driver, like
a teacher, is responsibie for the
safety and welfare of the students.





It is the cooperative mission of the Altoona and Eau Claire Area School Districts and Student Transit to provide safe transportation to and from the schools in each district. To facilitate this process, guidelines are in place to help each of us understand bus behavior guidelines and the disciplinary actions taken to enforce safety of our students. It is the responsibility of each student and their parent/guardian to read these guidelines and Disciplinary Action Plan.

Riding the bus is a privilege and not a right. If a student’s bus privileges are revoked due to violation of this policy, it remains the responsibility of the parent or guardian to transport the student to and from school.

Because student’s behavior on the school bus directly affects their safety and the safety of others, the following regulations apply at all times when students are riding the school bus, including field trips.

  • Students shall follow the instructions and directions of the bus driver at all times.
  • Students should arrive at the bus stop on time, waiting in a safe place off the road.
  • Students will wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board.
  • Students will not run when boarding or exiting from the bus.
  • Students will remain seated while the bus is in motion and will not obstruct the isles with legs, feet, or other objects.
  • Students will be courteous to the driver and fellow passengers.
  • Students who have not already been assigned to a seat by the driver will be allowed to sit in any available seat.
  • Students will not bully, tease, threaten, harass, or hurt others.
  • Students are not allowed to eat or drink on the bus.
  • Students are prohibited from Loud talking, laughing, yelling, singing, whistling, throwing of objects, standing, or changing seats. Serious safety hazard can result from noise and behavior that distracts the driver.
  • Students will put no part of their body (i.e. hands, arms, legs, head) out the window.
  • Students are prohibited from throwing anything from the bus.
  • Students will keep the bus clean.
  • Students will be respectful of bus company property. Students and parents of students who damage or deface the bus or bus equipment will be responsible for payment of any repairs or damage.

Possesion of the following will not be tolerated: cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, flame or spark producing devices (i.e. matches, lighters), and weapons (i.e. knives, chains, guns, laser pointers).

Violation of any of the above listed regulations will result in disciplinary action. Violations will not be tolerated. Students who do not follow these guidelines can be suspended from riding the school bus.

If actions result in the student or students needing to be removed from the school bus immediately, the Eau Claire Police Department will be called to assist in removing the student(s) from the bus. The student will be released to his/her parent or legal guardian by the Eau Claire Police Department.

Students are assigned to a specific bus to and from school. Parents must request in writing any exception from this rule. Students will not be allowed on or off the bus at a place other than their regular stop unless the bus driver is presented with a written parent request.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact student transit or the respective school official regarding any problems with school bus transportation. Students are encouraged to discuss issues with their bus driver, the principal, counselor, teacher, parent, or any appropriate adult. To ensure safe transportation for all involved, it is imperative that the students, parents, school officials, bus driver, and the bus company work cooperatively together to solve any problems that may arise.

Responsibilities of the Bus Driver

  • Bus drivers are responsible for disciplinary action on the bus.
  • Bus drivers will not use physical force on students except to defend themselves or to prevent injury to another student.
  • Bus drivers will attempt to solve problems as they occur. Students should feel free to discuss issues with the driver.
  • Bus drivers may assign specific seating on the bus if needed.
  • Bus drivers will not refuse a student transportation home after school unless the student has been suspended from transportation.
  • Bus drivers can notify the Eau Claire Police Department to assist in removal of a student(s) from the bus in extreme cases of misconduct.
  • Bus drivers will complete a misconduct report when observing and/or knowing of any violation of safety regulations, including but not limited to inappropriate conduct on the bus or boarding or exiting the bus. Student transit will deliver a misconduct form to the appropriate school as outlined in the Disciplinary Action Plan.

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