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For over 70 years, Student Transit Eau Claire has taken seriously our responsibility to get your child to school safely and on time.

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What procedures do you have in place to insure that my child will not get left on the bus accidentally?

Company policy requires that drivers check their bus upon completion of the route as well as their shift; AM, noon, and PM. When conditions permit, drivers are allowed to pull over and check the bus before returning to the bus garage. Even if that preliminary check has been made, they are still required to check again upon return to the bus garage. Once the bus walk-through has been completed, the driver hangs an "EMPTY" sign in the back window. In most instances, a parent or guardian will have called us well before the bus has returned to base to determine the location of their child(ren).

My child wants to bring their skateboard/rollerblades to school. Can they bring them on the school bus?

While we discourage this practice, if students bring skateboards and rollerblades to school please insure they are inside a bag or case that can be held on the students lap. If not, they will not be allowed to ride the bus.

My child has show and tell and would like to bring there critter to school with them. Can they bring it on the bus?

No, we are not allowed to transport any sort of creatures other than human beings. If they need to bring those sorts of things to or from school you will have to make other arrangements.

My child does not qualify to ride the bus, because they live too close to school. What are the requirements for a student to ride?

The district policy states you must reside outside a one mile walk
boundary for elementary transportation and outside a two mile walk
boundary for middle school and high school transportation. Certain areas within some school boundaries are considered hazardous and therefore transportation is provided.

My child is required to walk a couple of blocks to the bus stop, it seems like a long ways. What are the limits for walking to a stop?

Students in kindergarten can walk up to .25 miles, first through fifth grade can walk up to .5 miles, and sixth through twelfth grade can walk up to .75 miles.

My child lost a mitten on the bus. Is the bus company responsible for my child's lost items?

We are not responsible for any lost items; however, we do go to great lengths to return items left on the bus. Drivers are required to do a bus inspection when they return from their routes. When they find any items on the bus they will keep them on their bus in an area the students can search for their lost item. If items remain on the bus for more than a few weeks, they are brought to the office and placed in a bin. They remain in the bin until it fills, then are donated to Goodwill or a similar organization.

My child is not going to be riding the bus for a specific day. Who should I call?

You can call us as early as 6 AM at 839-5116, or before that time you can leave a message on our voicemail system.

My child is going to ride a different bus to a friends house after school. Can friends ride each other's bus?

They can as long as they have a note signed by the parent and a school official.  In rare cases, if the bus is too full they could be asked to return to the office and call for a ride.

My child needs to cross the road to get on the bus, but the driver doesn’t use the flashing red lights and stop arm. Why?

If there is curb, gutter, and sidewalk on both sides of the road then we are not allowed by city statute to utilize the flashing red lights and stop arm.  However, if one of those ingredients is missing then your child should wait on their side of the road and wait until the bus driver signals them across.

How do I find out about weather related cancellations?

We strive to have all of the local radio and television stations notified by 5:45 AM on days that schools are closed due to weather.  It is also placed on several area websites including our website.  On days that schools close early we will try to notify all of the local radio and television stations by 11 AM.


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