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Did you know ...

Yellow school buses have a safety record that is unequaled in the transportation industry.

Deaths per 100,000,000 passenger miles:

Passenger cars..........0.94
Scheduled airlines.....0.06
Passenger trains.......0.04
School Buses............ 0.01

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Yet crashes involving school buses always make news.  Fortunately, almost all school bus crashes are minor, and if there are injuries, typically it is the occupants of the other vehicle who are affected. 

Source: School Bus
Information Council

As a family business,
our philosophy is to treat
employees and customers
like part of the family.





Student Transit - Eau Claire, Inc. has been serving the Eau Claire community since 1939. Eau Claire Transportation Company started in 1939.

Ray Fey Sr. and his son Fred Fey purchased the city buses from NSP in 1939. At that time, they owned and managed several other bus companies including the cities of La Crosse and Winona. Ray Fey Jr. joined the company after World War II, and the school bus system grew significantly with school consolidation.

As the Eau Claire area
grew and management of the other facilities became more difficult, they decided to focus strictly on the Eau Claire area. Shortly after, the Eau Claire Area School District approached the Fey's and asked them to take over their bussing. Over the years, school buses replaced city buses.

In 1975, Fred Fey sold the city buses back to the City of Eau Claire and focused strictly on school bus transportation. The bus company evolved from Eau Claire Transportation Company into what is now Student Transit - Eau Claire, Inc.

In 1982, Phillip Fey has succeeded as President and Ray Fey Jr. as Vice President.

Now a fourth generation family business, we strive to provide safe, efficient, and economical transportation to the families in the Eau Claire School district. As a family operation, our philosophy has always been to treat employees and customers like part of the family.

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